Talking Touchdowns: The Seahawks’ Bye Week Report Card


Quarterly Seahawks’ Report Card

Bye week is upon us and it’s time to give the Seattle Seahawks their Bye week report card!

  • First up, the run game: Chris Carson had cemented himself as the premiere back until the rookie was sidelined due to a fractured leg in Week 4 leaving the Hawks in search of someone to fill his shoes. In steps J.D. McKissic, activated in week four, who has had an impressive showing scoring two total TDs. He continues to impress, not only making moves on the ground, but he also catches passes out of the backfield AND lines up as the slot receiver. The other options begin with Eddie Lacy who has definitely underperformed and Thomas Rawls and CJ Prosise who have both been equally underwhelming. The only saving grace for the Hawks run game is McKissic. His dual threat ability is something that the Hawks have been lacking. I give the run game a C+.
  • Next up, receiving: The receiving corps of this team is getting better and better each week. Russell Wilson had to work out some chemistry kinks with them in the first week; however, these guys have got it figured out. Jimmy Graham even scored his first TD this past week. This improvement earns them a B-.
  • On to the run defense: The Seahawks’ run d continues to dominate and shut down opposing backs, i.e. Todd Gurley, one of the most dominant dual threat backs was held to only 43 rushing yards and zero TD’s in Seattle’s most recent 16-10 victory over the Rams. This earns these guys an A-.
  • And for the other half of the defense, the secondary: Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are two of the most feared defenders in Seattle’s secondary and continue to make big plays. Quarterbacks have learned their lesson and usually just avoid throwing the ball in Sherman’s direction all together. In addition, Earl Thomas has this way about him where he drops in at the perfect time to break up a pass or intercept the ball. Their efforts alone give this secondary a B+ grade thus far.
  • Time for our Quarterback: Russell Wilson is resilient; he defines the word. No matter how many times he gets sacked, he keeps evading defenders and making plays. He’s so athletic and elusive sometimes, it hurts. But then I remember that he plays for my team and it feels oh so good. Wilson has thrown for over 400 yards twice this season and is always such a threat when he gets loose on the ground. He’s a star pupil. A for you, Russell.
  • Effort: The Hawks never give up and never let a bad play or a demoralizing defeat get them down. They continue to give it their all and it’s showing in the form of the first back to back victories of the season! For this, they receive an A+ for effort.

Happy bye week! Go Hawks!

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