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BO Knows Tecmo Bowl

OK, who remembers Tecmo Bowl? Might be the most classic sports game of all time. The 1989 title that made Nintendo the first console to have a football game that featured National Football League players none of which were more influential than Bo Jackson!

Although Bo Jackson only played for four seasons from 1987- 1990 for the then Los Angeles Raiders, Tecmo made Jackson UNSTOPPABLE, I AM TALKING ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, RIDICULOUSLY UNSTOPPABLE. The Raiders only running plays in the game belonged to Marcus Allen and Bo know how to scare, every single time he touched the ball… as in a 99 – yard drive was cake for Bo Jackson.

In honor of Tecmo Bowl and Bo, who was faster, stronger and better than any other player in the game, I am making my pumpkin Tecmo Bowl Themed!

Kasey Dixon, from Styled By Kasey, came over to FGSN to teach me, 49ers Fangirl Tracy, and Seahawks Fangirl Christina some ways to decorate pumpkins keeping our favorite football teams in mind.

What you Need:

  • Cut out a stencil of Bo Jackson making a touchdown
  • Black and silver glitter and/or rhinestones

Steps to Decorate Your Pumpkin:

1. Spray paint pumpkin black

2. Carve out the Stencil

3. Write “Touchdown Bo Jackson”

4. Let Dry

We can’t wait to see what you guys create! Post a picture of your pumpkin on Instagram with the hashtag #FGSNpumpkins!

Tips and Tricks: How To Decorate Halloween Pumpkins, Raiders Style | Raiders Fangirl

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