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Hi There Chiefs Kingdom,

Watching football can be stressful at times. Not so much for us Chiefs fans because our Chiefs keep winning. We are the only team in the NFL right now that is 5- 0. But, when I’m preparing for game day, I like to destress from the week and conserve my energy so I can cheer on the Chiefs. Today I’m going to show you some Yoga moves that I like to do to get ready. Let’s get started!

Warrior 1 (we’re ALL Chiefs warriors!)

  • Is your chest and ribcage up?
  • Is your back leg straight?
  • Are you gazing at your hands?
  • Is your back foot turned outward 45 degrees?
  • Is your front knee parallel to the floor?

Downward Dog (Chiefs’ defense will be taking down your offense, so be ready!)

  • Is your spine lengthened?
  • Is your navel drawn in?
  • Is there a microbend in your knees?
  • Are your big toes pressing into the floor?
  • Are you distributing an even amount of weight evenly through the knuckles of your hands?

Cobra (Chief’s offense slides through those open holes on the field to complete touchdowns)

  • Are your shoulder down and your neck is long?
  • Are your palms flat on the ground?
  • Are your hips and thighs on the ground?
  • Are your legs long and stretched out?
  • Are your elbows bent and close to your body?

Child’s Pose (resting after a big win is always key)

  • Is your forehead on the floor?
  • Is your jaw relaxed?
  • Are your big toes touching?
  • Are your fingers pointed forward?
  • Is your belly resting between your thighs?

I hope you enjoy these moves just as much as I do and it helps prepare you for game day. Go Chiefs!

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