Talking Touchdowns: It’s Chargers vs. Giants. Who Will Get Their First Win?


LA Chargers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Chargers will play their second away game this season in the Big Apple as they go on to face the New York Giants. With both teams having 0– 4 records, one of these teams will have to get their first win of season. Let’s find out what team has a shot of taking the win in this week’s matchup.

LA Chargers vs. New York Giants

QB History

  • There’s some interesting quarterback history between the Chargers’ Philip Rivers and the Giants’ Eli Manning. Back in 2004, the Chargers took Eli Manning as their first round draft pick. However, Manning refused to play for the Chargers so they made one of the biggest trades in NFL history and acquired Philip Rivers and three draft picks.


  • The Chargers offensive line has been struggling to find its balance. In last week’s matchup, they had only 13 runs and 28 passes with the time of possession largely in favor of Philadelphia.
  • Rivers has big play passing capabilities and explosive weapons but he couldn’t capitalize on Philly’s pass defense that had several injuries. He puts up good stats, but they are often when we are playing catch up. We need to see more early on from guys like Melvin Gordon, who didn’t shine as bright in last week’s game.
  • The Giants are sure to use their firepower that is the trio of Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall and Evan Ingram. However, in every game, the Giants have made at least one critical drop. Let’s hope they keep that up this week.


  • Chargers fans will have to hope we can play better run defense or this trio will grind them down with the run and pull away late with play action and passing.
  • However, the late edge pass-rushing duo of Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa should have some success in this week’s game against the Giants poor tackles.
  • Unlike our Chargers late starts and Philip Rivers efforts to catch up when the pressure was high, the Giants have been on the other side of the drawing board. The Giants defense has given up fourth quarter leads and had trouble finishing the game.

Game Prediction

Two teams. Both 0–4. One team will break their losing streak this week. Let’s hope the Chargers come out on top with a W.

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