Chargers Trail the Chiefs Until the Fourth Quarter


The Los Angeles Chargers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs win against the Chargers was their 12th straight win in the AFC West and the 7th over the Chargers.

As bad as the Chargers looked the whole game, and as much as the team was not in sync, at least we can say we held a team of this caliber to 17 and held onto it.

This was a big game for the Chargers, going up against Kansas City, the AFC leading team. The number one leading factor of the game was turnovers. Philip Rivers had a tough first half of the game with three interceptions and the passing game looked very out of sync.

Rivers threw his first interception to Terrance Mitchell in the first quarter, which showed early on Kansas City’s tight man-to-man coverage. Then Smith threw a 30-yard pass to Tyreek Hill, cashing in on the interception for a touchdown.

Not long after, Rivers threw another interception, this time to Marcus Peters. Following that, we saw Kansas City pull a shuffle pass to catch the defense off guard and pull off the touchdown. Kansas City showed their use of gimmick plays, something the Chargers had to prepare for going into todays game.

Then, at the end of the first, Rivers threw a 40-yard reception to Travis Benjamin. Which was followed by a great block by Hunter Henry, allowing for a touchdown by Melvin Gordon. The Chargers walked into the locker room at half time trailing by just 7.

Flash Gordon. ⚡️ #KCvLAC

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Chargers defense showed up in the second half with the Ingram Bosa dynamic duo.
The Chargers made a great defensive play by placing the two on the same side.

Sack city. #KCvsLAC

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A big part of the KC running game is misdirection. Hunts touchdown in the 4th quarter, to close the game, was a perfect example of this. Kansas City’s offensive line does a good job at sealing off and getting the defense to over pursue. It is especially unique to see a rookie running back (Hunt) being so patient and allowing blocks and finding holes to run through. Hunt finished with 172 rushing yards. This would be the third straight game that rookie Hunt put up a 50 –yard touchdown.

It was another close game for the chargers, trailing KC at 17 until the fourth quarter where the final score was 24 – 10.

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