Why I’m the Chargers Fangirl


At the age of 5 I joined my first Pop Warner cheer team, which sparked my love for the game of football. The team I cheered for was the Yorba Linda Raiders. I will never forget the day I turned to my dad and said “The Raiders are my team,” to which he responded, “No, the Chargers are your team.” From that day on I loved my Charger football and bled nothing but blue and gold.

I loved football so much, I even chose to leave the highly competitive Orange County High School of the Arts so I could be on the sidelines of a high school football team. But it didn’t stop there – In 2013, I chased the chargers from Orange County to San Diego to become a Chargers Cheerleader (& have the best seat in the house for every home game). From the sidelines, I wore my bolts with pride from 9-7, 9-7, 4-12, & 5-11.

When I found out the Chargers were making the move to Los Angeles, the city of dreams, I was thrilled! Growing up in Orange County, I couldn’t be happier to see the Chargers training facilities just down the street from my old school. Having the Chargers in Los Angeles, a city so close to my hometown, fills me with joy! I can’t wait to see the Bolt Pride LA will bring when my Chargers bolt out of the helmet and take the field at StubHub Center, for the first time ever. Let’s get Charged Up!

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