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Calm, cool, collected. Calm, cool, collected. These are a few things doing yoga has you feeling that being a Charger fan often does not. I don’t know about you, but when I am watching a game my adrenaline is rushing, the blood is pumpin, and I’m more than likely shouting at the TV screen and sometimes I forget to take it down a notch and just relax.

The Chargers will play their second away game this season in the “Big Apple” as they go on to face the New York Giants. With both teams having 0 – 4 records, one of these teams will have to get their first win of season. Let’s find out what team has a shot of taking the win in this week’s matchup.

The Chargers will face the Eagles in week 4 for their third home game of the season. The Eagles are first place in the NFC east at 2-1 while the Chargers are 0-3. But, don’t let this number fool you. The Chargers have held onto each game loosing at only the very last quarter. They even held Kansas City, the AFC champs, who have been the only team to beat the Eagles, to 17 until the last quarter.

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