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The weather outside is frightful.. JK, it’s like 75 degrees out but the Cardinals have at times been frightful. There is still a sliver of hope that they get a playoff berth, but I am not going to be holding my breath. What I will be holding is my drink in my hand and wishing for a happy new year. Here is a drinking game to help ease any football and holiday season pain.

So, here is how you play. Take a drink every time one of these things happen in the game:

  • First and foremost. The Cardinals seem to like starting this way, so we need to as well. Drink when Larry Fitzgerald makes his first reception of the game on a short pass.
  • Drink every time Ricky Seals-Jones scores a touchdown because we love touchdowns.
  • Drink every time LB Chandler Jones sacks the QB. That’s what he does. He sacks quarterbacks.
  • Do not drink, however, when he throws interceptions. know you want to, but DO DRINK when Cardinals force an interception! Cheers, cheers, cheers!
  • Drink every time Safety Budda Baker makes a positive play (tackle, forced fumble, fumble recovery or downing a punt inside the 10).
  • Drink every time they show Carson Palmer on the sidelines with that gnarly fumanchu ‘stache
  • And lastly in honor of the best running back in the league, drink every time David Johnson is mentioned on-air.

Cheers and happy healing!

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