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Hey Friends! The Cardinals haven’t been playing very well and that makes me want to eat my feelings. So, I need to make sure I am staying up on my workout routine. My trainer Alex and I put together a super quick and easy 12 minute halftime workout you can do in your own home!! Now, I filmed this in my gym, but you do not need a gym and you do not need weights. The key is to keep your heart rate up that’s why I chose eight high intensity full body workouts. I use a tabata timer on my phone. I set it for 1 min with 30 second rests. Get that heart rate up and burn that fat!

So let’s get to it!

1. Renegade row. You’re going to get into a plank position and then lift one arm at a time till the timer stops and it’s rest time.

2. Dumb-bell Thrusts: Stand with your legs slightly bent and as wide as your hips. Then sway your arms back and forth and squeeze your booty on the way up. You don’t need a dumb-bell for this! Just make sure you lift your arms eye level.

3. Next up are burpees. Just a classic burpee! Get that heart racing.

4. Plank to Jacks. Which is a plank to a jumping jack position!

5. Side to Side hip dips. You’ll dip your hips from the plank position to isolate the work in your obliques.

6. While still in plank position from the hip dips get ready for mountain climbers

7. Back up for jump squats. The name says it all!

8  Let’s really get those legs burning with curtsy lunges. These will help tone the inner and outer thighs, along with the glutes!

Now you’re all done! Thanks to Alex my trainer for putting this together for me! You can find him on instagram @Fitbrigade

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