How to Sparkle on New Year’s Eve | Broncos Fangirl


Can you believe we are almost halfway through December?

Christmas is on the way and 2017 is coming to an end. No matter your plans for New Year’s Eve I’ve got some ways to make sure you sparkle your way into 2018.

Depending on your style, you might want a little sparkle or a lot so I’ve got a look for the entire sparkle spectrum:

Headbands: If you want to add just a little sparkle to your holiday look, add a headband! This is a simple accessory that will give your outfit a little bit more glam.

How to Sparkle on New Year's Eve | Broncos Fangirl

Skirts: So you like sparkles but don’t want to look like a disco ball? Try a skirt!!! These are two of my favorite sequined skirts and they are surprisingly comfortable! Pair them with tights or heels and you’ve got yourself a statement piece.

How to Sparkle on New Year's Eve | Broncos Fangirl

Dresses: If you’re like me, the more sparkle the better, and that is when you get yourself a full on sparkly dress! These are just a few I have hanging in my closet. Long sleeve or short depending on what you’re doing for NYE, but both will have you shining your way into 2018.

How to Sparkle on New Year's Eve | Broncos Fangirl

Happy New Year, Broncos Country!

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