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October is my favorite month and not just for all the football! The leaves changing, pumpkin spice rules the world, and of course, Halloween! This week I’d like to show how to decorate your pumpkin with a little style and a lot of team spirit.

Studding your pumpkin

Since pumpkins are already Broncos’ orange, I wanted to give my pumpkin a little bling. You’ll need a pumpkin, of course, studded jewels in your choice of color, and a hot glue gun.

1. Heat your glue gun and prepare your studs, you may have to remove a back from the studs so I would do that first to make applying them while the glue is still hot as efficient as possible.

2. Simply place a hot glue line down the side of the pumpkin.

3. Place the studs on all the way down.

4. Repeat down all of the pumpkin creases.

Decorating your pumpkin

The next way you can decorate your pumpkin is like a sugar skull. I love the design of sugar skulls so I thought it be fun to decorate my pumpkin with an orange and blue themed sugar skull face. You’ll need simple art brushes, acrylic paint, and a cute pumpkin.

1. Paint the face in white.

2. Add the eyeballs in outline in black or blue.

3. Add embellishments like flowers, stars or just basic swirls if you’re not super artsy.

4. Finish with fake stink on flowers as a crown and you’ve got yourself a sweet pumpkin…get it sweet….because it’s a sugar skull?

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

We can’t wait to see what you guys create! Post a picture of your pumpkin on Instagram with the hashtag #FGSNpumpkins!

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