Talking Touchdowns: Can Broncos Put the Chill on Red Hot Eagles?


The Denver Broncos will head into week nine hitting a rough streak. It’s time for Talking Touchdowns and the 3-4 Denver Broncos will take yet another road trip, this time to the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ to face the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s hoping we get some love and maybe a win.

*With the NFL’s trade deadline ending on Tuesday at 4 pm, the Eagles announced early Tuesday they received running back Jay Ajayi from the Miami Dolphins for a fourth-round draft pick. Ajayi has rushed 138 times from 465 yards over the Dolphins so far this season. He is coming off a strong 2016 season, where he had more than 1,200 yards with eight touchdowns.

Let’s check out the match up:

Denver Broncos vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Broncos offensive line has been bad, but a decent Chiefs defense exposed this problem to actually be quite terrible. Trevor Siemian has consistently had no time to sit in the pocket to make a decent throw, which explains the numerous interceptions thrown in the last two weeks. The offensive line needs to improve for the Broncos to have a chance at winning any games for the remainder of the season.

Now you can’t put all of the blame on the O-line. Trevor Siemian has his faults as well. He needs to get more comfortable in the pocket, stand tall and start making good throws….to eliminate interceptions and, well frankly, to complete passes.

It was hinted at last week that the Broncos may be due for a quarterback change. Did I mention Paxton Lynch is healthy and is practicing after a shoulder injury? He obviously was inactive for the game against the Chiefs but who will they have active in Philly? According to an interview on Monday Night Vance Joseph is “not there yet” when asked about replacing Siemian. Although Paxton Lynch has made local talk because of his recent good health, the Broncos announced Wednesday Brock Osweiler has been named the starting quarterback. After meeting with GM John Elway and assistants on Tuesday, head Coach Vance Joseph made the move.

Denver Broncos vs. Philadelphia Eagles

And the Broncos are on the road again….and they’ve been bad on the road. That’s all I’ve got say about that.

Now the 7-1 Eagles, who are sitting at first in the NFC East, and are currently the best team in the league right now, are waiting to face a less than mediocre Denver team.

Quarterback Carson Wentz is at the top of his game with 2,063 passing yards this season, 19 TDs and only five I\interceptions (let me remind you that the Broncos had five turnovers in one game on Monday).

Tight End Zach Ertz and wide receiver Nelson Agholor lead the team in TDs and pose a threat to the Broncos secondary.

The Eagles defense ranks #1 in rushing yards allowed but 26th in passing yards allowed – sounds a lot like our defensives woes if you ask me – but this gives the Broncos hope if they can develop a passing game.

The Eagles are everything the Broncos are not right now, starting with fundamentally sound.

Game Prediction

With that being said, unfortunately, my game prediction for this game is Eagles 27- Broncos 14.

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