Broncos Mishaps Lead to Loss in Buffalo


The Denver Broncos return home from their first road trip with a loss, after falling to the Buffalo Bills 26-16.
Broncos got on the board early (consistent with what they’ve done the last two weeks), with a 38-yard field goal by Brandon McManus.

But the Bills answered back (and did so the entire game for that matter) with a 74-yard drive ending in a 2 yard pass to Andre Holmes, that was actually a deflected pass. Making it 7-3 in the 2nd quarter.

This game went back and forth….Broncos scored a touchdown from a 12-yard Jamaal Charles run. Making it 10-7 Broncos. With 3 minutes to go in the half, a slew of scoring ensued. Bills executed a 49-yard field goal tying the game up at 10. With 42 seconds left on the clock Brandon McManus kicked a 35-yard field goal, to yet again put the Broncos up by 3. The Bills literally used every second they had driving 38 yards to barely be in field goal range, for Stephen Hauschka. With 1 second left on the clock, he put it through the uprights to make it 13-13 going into the half.

The second half of the game is really where the Broncos lost control, and momentum.

Broncos tried to keep the momentum with a 49 yard drive resulting in a field goal in the 3rd quarter, but it was short lived. Buffalo proceeded to march 69 yards down field and scored with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Charles Clay. 2 plays after getting the ball back Trevor Siemian threw his 1st interception and that’s when the momentum really started to swing in the favor of the Bills. Although they we’re 3 and out on the next possession the Broncos didn’t do much better.

After a 20 yard drive, with a 4th and 2 on their on 31, the Broncos attempted a fake punt but it was unsuccessful. The Broncos had a late substitution which gave the Bills defense enough time to adjust. The Bills took over at the Denver 31 and put up a Field Goal to extend their lead.

In 4th quarter with 10:55 to go, Siemian threw his 2nd interception and Broncos Country cringed.

Later in the quarter, a huge unsportsmanlike conduct penalty was called on Von Miller on a 3rd and 6 situation for Bills. The 15 yard penalty was awarded, after Miller had extended a hand to help Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor up, and then pulled his hand away. Both laughed about the incident, but the referee saw it differently.    The Bills proceeded to make another field goal and slam the door shut. Leaving the Final score 26-16.

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