Why I’m the Broncos Fangirl


I grew up in a household where Sundays were sacred for two reasons: Church and Football. My first personal experience with football came in the 2nd grade. I joined the Junior Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and we performed at the 50 yard line at halftime. It was the last year Mile High Stadium stood, and I can remember feeling the grass underneath me, the bright lights above me, and just the pure mass of the NFL. In that moment I knew this game was so much bigger than me.

In the fall, a couple years later, I attended my first College football game at the University of Colorado. I sat next to my dad, crammed between alumni and life long buff fans. In those bleachers is where I learned what a first down was and the ins and outs of such a special game. I was in.

During college I interned for the official radio broadcast network of the Denver Broncos. I always had a love for my hometown team, but throughout post-practice interviews, head coach pressers, and helping with the weekly Broncos insider show I developed a much more personal love for the team.

I am a Denver Native, and nothing is more Colorado to me than enjoying a Coors Light, in brisk mountain air, wearing orange and blue. I am excited to be your Broncos FanGirl and bring you a little mile high magic.

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