Please 49ers, Win or Lose, Just Score on Sunday (Video)


It’s not easy bleeding gold. In fact, this season, it’s really hard. But on any given Sunday, any team can win, so we keep on trucking. This week, the 1-3 San Francisco 49ers are headed east, hoping to revive their offense against the 2-2 New York Giants. In this week’s edition of Talking Touchdowns, I preview the upcoming game, focusing on:

  • Which receivers the 49ers’ defense should be watching
  • The effectiveness of the Giants’ Run Defense
  • Potential changes to the Niner offense
  • And what I would consider a victory on Sunday.

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Go Niners!

*OLB Ahmad Brooks’ sister passed away. I am sending thoughts and prayers to him and his family.


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Tracy Sandler

Bleeding gold and staying Niner faithful, I bring you the latest news features & commentary on my beloved San Francisco 49ers.


  1. Hi Tracy!
    Great site! Tonight’s game against the NY Giants showed our Niners had fight in them! You could feel the defense and offense starting to click! I actually felt giddy tonight knowing the Niners were actually going to score more than 17 points. But the take away here is the fact the our Kap showd more confidence tonight on the national stage…and he really needed this! But despite this close loss in the fourth quarter, the good news…we are still in our division race at 0-1. Just maybe if we can get by with a win next week against another 1-4 team like the Baltimore Ravens, and just sayin’ string a couple of more wins against key division foes, maybe just maybe we can better last season’s 8-8 record. I’m keeping the FAITH! Go Niners! See you at Levi’s! This is Alex signing off!

  2. I love Kap in this game. He is back. I always have confidence in him. Thank You Tracy for braking it down girl. You keep it 100 non such a nice way.

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