In Other NFL News (Wk. 16): Odell, Josh, Charles, & the NFC Playoff Picture (Video)


There’s a great big NFL world out there, and this 49ersFangirl likes living in it. As the 2015 NFL regular season comes to a close, the playoff picture is getting clearer, careers are coming to an end, and tempers are running high.

In this week’s In Other NFL News, I take a look at the NFC playoff picture and talk about the career of the great Charles Woodson. I also look at what happened between Odell Beckham, Jr. and Josh Norman, as I find the behavior of all parties unacceptable. Since filming this piece, Beckham’s suspension has been upheld, and he will indeed miss Sunday’s game. Beckham has also issued an apology which can be found here. I really respect Beckham’s words and how he has handled the aftermath of this situation. It does not excuse his behavior on Sunday, but it shows remorse and a desire to do better. Good work Odell.

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