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Hello my Faithful friends! Being a 49ers fan is stressful, especially the last few years. This can lead to binge eating, lethargy or general malaise. Never fear. Your 49ers Fangirl is here to help!

With the help of Tiffany Marie from Body by Simone in Los Angeles, I have a 15 minute workout that you can do at halftime, or any time for that matter. It goes something like this:

15 Minute Workout:

3-4 min BBS Dance cardio

3 min standing leg series:
8 curtsy lunges
8 lunges
8 tap backs (soft bend in opposite knee)
8 side taps (soft bend in opposite knee)
Repeat 2x on each leg

45 second BBS high knees

3 min arm/core series:
10 push ups (diamond for advanced), hold plank for 25 seconds
Rest 5-10 seconds
Repeat 3x

45 second BBS high knees

3 min ab series:
10 full sit ups with arms (legs extended straight on ground for advanced)
10 star crunches/sit-ups
10 bicycle crunches
Repeat 3x

Burn out:
15 second high knees
15 second fast feet
Repeat 3x

You should feel refreshed, revived and sore after that. Now, back to the game. Go Niners!

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