Talking Touchdowns: In Defense of Kap (Podcast)


Football is a team sport Niners’ fans, and for the last three weeks, the San Francisco 49ers have lost as a team, due to lack of execution on both sides of the ball. San Francisco’s loss on Sunday was no exception, though there was a bright spot and that was the defense. It looked and played so much better, holding the Green Bay Packers to 17 points. This unit seems to have made the adjustments needed to keep the 49ers in games. Not to mention, this group of guys played its heart out.

On the other hand, the offense, continued to struggle mightily, and it did so as a unit. That’s the key phrase, as a unit. The entire offense has a hand in its ineffectiveness. It is not one person or one group of people. It’s everyone. @SoCaliSteph and I teamed up this week to talk about the San Francisco offense, focusing on:

  • Torrey Smith’s postgame comments
  • The role of coaching
  • What we expect against the New York Giants
  • And why we still support Colin Kaepernick as our quarterback.

Thanks for listening, and let us know your thoughts. Go Niners!

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  1. You two mentioned how much more they rushed than passed the ball, yet Hyde only had 8 carries in this game. That is way too low of a number for the most talented player in the offense. Yet they cannot run the ball because defenses don’t respect Kaepernick’s passing abilities, and can therefore stack the box. Kaepernick had 10 total carries so I wouldn’t consider that holding him back in any way. They need to find more creative ways to run the ball and stop trying to spread out defenses. Therefore they can hide some of Kaep’s deficiencies.

    • Tracy Sandler
      Tracy Sandler on

      I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, but I still think they need to give Kaepernick more opportunities to pass the ball and see if he can work through and work out what is going on. He is the QB, and right now, he is the best option they have.

      • I agree with your idea to let him throw more. Unfortunately, the season looks to be heading downhill south, so might as well get a definitive answer whether or not he is the future, which isn’t looking promising at this point. Im worried that his past success was helped largely by an amazing supporting cast and defenses not knowing how to defend him, or the read option. However, the cast around him now is allowing for the flaws to be more visible. I’m open to Gabbert starting a game or two at some point this year to possibly send a message to Kaepernick if the bad play continues, but I agree with you that he should still be the starter because I don’t see Gabbert having a future here.

        I’m enjoying the podcasts. Keep up the good work!

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