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So, the 49ers’ trip to Carolina didn’t exactly go well, which is putting it mildly. The Niners got stomped by the Panthers 46-27, and don’t tell me they almost came back. We all know they were never making a comeback, but they showed some fight and that is improvement. But, alas, it’s time to move onward and upward, because our guys in the red and gold are off to…dear God…Seattle??

The only positive here is the Seahawks lost 9-3 to the Los Angeles Rams, and yes, the same Los Angeles Rams the 49ers beat 28-0. So there’s that.

In this week’s Talking Touchdowns game preview, I take a look at the matchup between the two NFC West rivals, focusing on:

  • The Seattle offense or lack thereof. Russell Wilson and company are hurting physically and probably emotionally after their loss to the Rams. The Seahawks’ offensive line isn’t helping its quarterback or the run game, and this is an area the 49ers’ defense can capitalize on.
  • Speaking of, the 49ers’ D started the game strong on Sunday before fatigue, heat, and generally being overmatched came into play. Life isn’t going to get easier because the D is facing Wilson Sunday, and let’s be honest, even a somewhat injured Russell Wilson is still Russell Wilson. However, the depleted Seattle offense may provide an opportunity for the Niner defense to shine.
  • Oh the Niner offense. It is true that the 49ers have scored 28 and 27 points respectively in their first two games, but it’s also true that the offense mainly looks mediocre. Carlos Hyde rushed for 34 yards on Sunday. That has to improve. Blaine Gabbert and his lack of accuracy are a growing problem, as are the dropped passes. Both of these areas have to improve if there’s a chance of winning Sunday.
  • Last but not least, my game prediction.

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  1. Well, I don’t know a bleedin’ THING about football, and yet I’m one of your biggest Fangirl Fans. That tells you all you need to know. I love your knowledge, enthusiasm, and presence! Keep kicking it, Fangirl. I want to stay in the room where it happens!

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