49ers Take their Horror Show to LA (NFL Week 16)


Oh the team outside is frightful. And with this season there’s nothing delightful. But with only two games to go. At least we’re in Cali and there won’t be snow.

The San Francisco 49ers continued their season from hell with a terrible loss to the Atlanta Falcons. I’m shocked, said no one. Next up, it’s the Los Angeles Rams in LA. Good news for Fangirl Sports Network, one of our teams will actually win this week.

In this week’s Talking Touchdowns game preview, I take a look at the matchup, including:

  • The Rams’ normally strong defense that has been anything but the last couple weeks. LA is coming off two blowout losses to the Falcons and Seahawks respectively, giving up a total of 466 yards in the air and six touchdowns. We don’t exactly have Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan, but maybe, just maybe, Colin Kaepernick can take advantage of this discombobulated defense and play well for four quarters. If not, we may just see some Christian Ponder.
  • Rams’ running back Todd Gurley has hardly had the breakout season fans hoped for, averaging 3.2 yards a carry. He has 778 yards and five touchdowns. But, he’s playing the 49ers, so he should have a career day, especially since the already depleted Niner defene is down yet another man after losing ILB Nick Bellore for the season. It will be linebacker by committee. Maybe we’ll see Antoine Bethea there again. At least it’s different.
  • Rams’ quarterback Jared Goff has had a rough start, which is not entirely his fault, but it’s been rough nonetheless. He’s in the concussion protocol after taking an incredibly hard hit from Richard Sherman. If he can play, I’m sure he’s looking forward to facing a 49er defense that gave up 550 yards of offense to the Falcons.
  • This Niner defense has a way of giving their opponents a career day, but again, make sure to watch 49er bright spot DeForest Buckner, because he’ll make you smile about the future – or at least not cry.
  • And, of course, my game prediction.

We’re almost there guys! Two games to go. We can make it. Go Niners!

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