Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess


The Super Bowl is two days away and if you’re planning on hosting the big game, then you’re to-do list is probably a mile long. The least us Fangirls can do is help make choosing your outfit a little easier. If you’re an Eagles or a Patriots fan, then my guess is you have plenty of options. However, if you’re like me and your team is not playing this year, then you’ve got to choose a side — only for the day, of course.

Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess

Leaning towards the Patriots because, well, Tom Brady? Or maybe Red is your color? Either way, we’ve put together a few option ideas that are sure to impress even your guests chanting, Fly Eagles Fly.

Patriots – Option One: Casual Meets Cute

Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess - Patriots Gear

Since you’re likely going to be running around filling snack bowls and taking drink orders more than you are sitting, comfort is key. Grab your favorite pair of leggings, a bright red Patriots’ long sleeve tee and some converse for the perfect sporty look.

Patriots – Option Two: Subtle Patriotism

Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess - Patriots Gear

This look incorporates Patriots red, white and blue without screaming, “Go Brady!” even if you are totally screaming “Go Brady!” A pair of joggers, red tennis shoes, a striped blue tee and a white windbreaker are the perfect combo for the Fangirl who can’t bear the thought of wearing another team’s logo, but still wants to be festive.

Not interested in seeing the Golden Boy of the Super Bowl win another ring? (Psst… I’m referring to Tom Brady) Well then Fangirl, let’s get you geared up to cheer on the Eagles.

Eagles – Option One: Rock On Girl

Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess - Eagles Gear

Sure, you’re the hostess, but if you still want to show a little skin, this look is for you. Grab your go-to leather skirt, a fitted Eagles tee and a pair of high top converse. You’re hosting skills won’t be the only thing that rocks this Sunday.

Eagles – Option Two: Classic Chick

Super Bowl Style for the Fangirl Hostess - Eagles Gear

If you’re anything like me, you live in your skinny jeans! So, grab your favorite pair, a fitted Eagles tee and a pair of comfy, yet cute, flats. This look is guaranteed to accentuate all your best features and be comfortable enough to perform your hosting duties in.

There you have it Fangirls! All the outfit inspiration you need for Sunday’s big game. And just like that, you’ve knocked one item off your to-do list. Next up, red solo cups and enough fried appetizers to feed a small army. Later skaters!

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