[Podcast Ep 45] Trent’s Out. Chip’s Out. Jed Speaks. Rinse, Lather, Repeat 49ers Fans.


In what is becoming an annual tradition, San Francisco 49ers’ CEO Jed York addressed the media Monday morning. This year it was to talk about the firings of general manager Trent Baalke and head coach Chip Kelly and discuss the future of the team and the organization.

“I want to let the fans know that I apologize for a 2-14 season. I apologize for being back here again and making a change, but I think it’s very important that we reestablish a championship culture. We need to make sure that we move forward and find the right head coach and general manager, two guys that can work together and reestablish the level that we all expect and want for the San Francisco 49ers.”

Trent’s Out. Chip’s Out. Jed Speaks. Rinse, Lather, Repeat 49ers Fans. [Podcast Ep 45]

I believe that York is sincere, and I do believe he wants this team to win. I also understand that from a fan’s perspective, it’s a lot of years of too much talking and not enough action. But, the past is the past.

“Nothing that I’m going to say is going to be a satisfactory answer. We need to make sure that our success speaks for itself. Our actions have to speak for itself. I’ve done it before. We’ve put together a team that has had three NFC Championship runs. That was in the past. I can’t live on the past. I need to make sure that anything that I do is backed up by the results that are on the field.”

That would do a lot to appease the fan base, but the concern among fans is as long as York is in charge, nothing will change. York said he is the owner and owners don’t get dismissed. True. So, it’s the Jed York show, and we’re going to have to watch and wait.

“Ultimately the decision will rest with me. I will look at people inside the building and continue to consult people outside of the building, folks that I trust, folks that are very well respected. But, our system and our structure is going to be a head coach and a general manager and ultimately that decision will rest with me.”

So if York is ultimately making the decision, how do we know that we won’t be back here next year talking about a fourth coach being fired? How will York prevent that from happening?

“I need to make sure that we have the right communication between the general manager and the head coach and the head coach and his staff. And that’s why those two guys need to be on the same page and you need to have the right people on the staff and know that we’re going to continue to do everything that we can to get better. They’re going to have a very, very long leash in terms of making decisions…They need to be able to reestablish a championship culture and that’s going to take time to reestablish a championship culture…My ultimate goal is to win a championship, win multiple championships, and that’s the foundation that we need to lay and that’s what we need to build for.”

That was a big theme of the press conference. The head coach and GM being on the same page and communicating. That and culture. York is big into culture, so much so, he said it 16 times. So, we shall see.

On this week’s Talking Touchdowns podcast, SoCaliSteph and I discuss the season, the press conference, and professionalism in the locker room. A few players mentioned youth as a reason for some of the season’s missteps and what needs to change in the future.

We made it through the 2016 season 49er fans! Better days ahead. Go Niners!

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