Laughingstock 49ers are No Laughing Matter


Today was an embarrassing day for the San Francisco 49ers. An absolutely embarrassing day, as the 49ers fell to 1-11 with a 26-6 loss to the Chicago Bears.

In the first half, Shaun Draughn blocked a Bears’ punt and Dontae Johnson ran in what he thought was a touchdown. Except it wasn’t. He was called out of bounds at the four-yard line. Before the Niners realized that, they were called for excessive celebration of a touchdown they didn’t get. And that pretty much sums up the day.

Colin Kaepernick was one of four for four yards passing (yes, you read that right). He was benched for Blaine Gabbert, who threw for 35 yards and was sacked in the end zone for a safety. After the game, Chip Kelly said it was his decision to replace Kaepernick, and he was looking for a “spark” in the offense. Nothing says spark like Blaine Gabbert. Apparently it’s not a permanent move, but this team is so bad right now, I’m not sure it matters who plays quarterback.

Bears’ Running Back Jordan Howard rushed for 117 yards and three touchdowns, because of course he did, and Quarterback Matt Barkley looked like the second coming of himself, going 11 of 18 for 192 yards. He was accurate. He was poised. He didn’t make mistakes. He was everything the 49ers were not.

Yes, the snow was bad, but as Kelly said, the Bears and the Niners were playing in the same weather.

Usually, I look for the positives, but I have nothing. Coming off a relatively strong performance last week, I expected better. I expected fight. I expected heart. I expected a competitive football game between two bad teams. I at least expected the 49ers to be prepared for the game.

I’m done expecting. Get it together San Francisco. Make changes. Draft well. Go after free agents and hope big money can convince them to come to Santa Clara. This team is a train wreck and a laughingstock, but I can assure you, this Fangirl is not laughing.

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