49ers’ ReKap: Defense Ruins All Hopes for an Upset Over the Bills


Niner fans, there are so many things wrong with the now 1-5 San Francisco 49ers, I don’t even know where to begin.

The big week six story of the 49ers vs. the Buffalo Bills was the return of quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and although that’s still a story, the real week six story is the 49er defense, or lack thereof. Actually that’s the week two through six stories.

After looking like the Niners of 2012 in week one, the 49er defense has given up 2,154 yards in five games. The run defense, which came into the game ranked 31st in the league, continued to be atrocious. LeSean McCoy, who was clearly playing with a Chip on his shoulder, rushed for 140 yards and three touchdowns. The Bills rushed for 312 yards overall and amassed 491 yards of total offense. No doubt about it, there is a NaVorro Bowman-sized hole on the Niner defense, and it’s not going to close anytime soon.

One of the more embarrassing defensive plays of the game came on a Tyrod Taylor 30 yard touchdown pass to Justin Hunter, who ran right by Eric Reid and Antoine Bethea, as if it wasn’t their job to defend him.

Meanwhile, on offense, Kaepernick had a decent day going 13 of 29 yards, 187 yards and a touchdown – which was a 53 yarder to Torrey Smith. Kaepernick reminded us all that Torrey Smith and Quinton Patton play for this team. He also rushed for 66 yards. As has been the 49ers’ MO all season, the offense, well the team, looked good in the first half, only to fold in the second. Kap was eight of 11 in the first and five of 18 in the second. Maybe the games are too long?

Yes, there were underthrown and overthrown balls, as Kaepernick continues to struggle with accuracy, but it was a decent day for a man who hasn’t really played in a year and is coming off three surgeries.

“I thought [Kaepernick] was OK,” said Chip Kelly. “But overall, offensively as a group, we need to run the ball better and we need to be better at the passing game.”

Well, yes, agreed. Kelly would not commit to who would start at quarterback next week.

If Blaine Gabbert got five games to prove he’s not that good, Kaepernick played well enough to at least deserve another start. At least the offense was fun to watch again for a little while. Hell, he even managed to escape a safety and run for a first down. I can’t even begin to imagine the fan mutiny if Blaine is renamed the starter next week.

Next up for the Niners are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their 20th ranked defense at Levi’s Stadium, then a bye, and then the New Orleans Saints and their 31st ranked defense. All I am saying is give Kap a chance.

And that’s where we are. The Niners may actually be a worse team than last year. Joe Montana could play quarterback and the Niners would still lose with this defense…badly. If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, there are 10 games left to prove you wrong. Stay Faithful friends! Or start drinking. Go Niners!


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