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Since the 49ers are not going to the playoffs, I’m here to help with 5 Fun Things to Do in January When Your Team is Not in the Playoffs.

1) Adopt a playoff team! Let me know who you want me to adopt and cover the most closely in January. I’m thinking Cowboys because they could go all the way, but you guys let me know your thoughts below, on Facebook, or on Twitter @49ersfangirl.

2) Take up a new exercise, such as boxing, which will help you get out your aggression with this 49ers’ season.

3) Check out a new smoothie recipe…because they’ve worked out so well for the 49ers. How do you feel about green juice? Or ice cream?

4) Watch Steve Young’s “A Football Life” on the NFL Network. You won’t be at all depressed comparing the state of the team then to the state of it now. On second thought, you should go see La La Land. It’s super peppy, and when they dance, no one throws a flag!

5) Start brushing up on your favorite draft picks. They may not pick them, in fact, they probably won’t, but at least you’ll feel educated. Oh it is tough being a fan.

Happy New Year everyone! We got through this season. We can get through anything! Go Niners!

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