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The San Francisco 49ers are rebuilding and one of the two main contractors is general manager John Lynch. Lynch came to the red and gold after a great career in sports broadcasting at FOX Sports and went right to work. He put together a very impressive 2017 NFL Draft for a first-time GM, or any GM for that matter, in terms of deals made and picks acquired. And it looks like some of those picks are going to be very special (see: Reuben Foster, Solomon Thomas, Trent Taylor, you see where I’m going).

Although the team is currently 0-4, he and head coach Kyle Shanahan have shown a clear vision and direction for the future of this team, which is something everyone can get excited about. We’ve got to be patient Faithful. Brick by Brick.

Since Lynch is going to be the leader in Santa Clara for at least the next six years, I figured we should get to know him a little bit better. I had the chance to visit with him in his office and do just that with this edition of 5 Fun Facts. He was great to talk to and shared some good tidbits.

Watch the video to learn:

  • About his wife and family
  • What he was the first to do with the Florida Marlins
  • His middle name and where it came from
  • The position he went to Stanford to play
  • And just how much athleticism runs in his family.

Thanks for watching! You can catch more of my 5 Fun Facts series here. Go Niners!

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