5 Fun Facts about 49ers’ Reuben Foster


With the 31st pick in the NFL draft, a pick they got in a trade with the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers took Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster. And they had some competition for the pick. Foster tells the story best.

“The 30th and 31st pick were about to come up, so I get a call from the New Orleans Saints and they say, ‘Are you in Louisiana, Baton Rouge?,’” said Foster. “I said, ‘No, sir. I’m in Miami, Florida.’ ‘Is your woman around?’ I’m like, ‘Hold up, why do you want to speak to my woman?’ They said, ‘Give her the phone.’ So, I give her the phone and all I hear is, ‘Yeah. No. Yes, sir. Yeah, we’re in Miami. Yes, sir.’ And, I’m like, what are they talking about? That’s when a click had come in and she pulled the phone out like this and I said, ‘Oh, that’s San Jose.’ So, I clicked over for the San Francisco 49ers and I picked up and said, ‘Hello,’ while the New Orleans Saints are still on the line. But, I wanted to be a 49er so bad. It was funny. It was crazy.”

It seems like it would be awkward when he clicked back over, but no.

“I hung up,” said Foster. Totally fair.

In terms of his shoulder injury, Foster reiterated what he told us yesterday. He’s fine.

“I’m making big progress,” said Foster. “I’ll be limited in OTAs. Training camp, I’ll be full-go, but if it’s my decision, I think I can go now.”

And about the adversity he’s faced and those off-field issues that may have pushed him out of the top 10?

“I don’t look back at that,” said Foster. “Since they picked me on the 31st pick, there’s a new leaf, there’s a new journey for me. I’m just looking forward to becoming great.”

Onward and upward. After the press conference, I had the opportunity to get to know the 49ers’ new linebacker a little better with 5 Fun Facts. Watch the above video to learn:

  • His favorite music to listen to
  • His favorite food and how he likes it prepared
  • What food he doesn’t eat
  • His favorite movie
  • His favorite color and his new favorite color.

Welcome to the Santa Clara Reuben Foster! Go Niners!

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