5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Arik Armstead (Exclusive Audio Interview)


49ers’ rookies defensive tackle Arik Armstead is getting ready for training camp and his first NFL season. After talking to Armstead for my Under the Helmet piece on him, I asked him for Five Fun Facts in his own words. In addition, I got a couple from his dad Guss and his brother Armond.

Guss Armstead’s Fun Facts About Arik Armstead:

“He thinks he’s a good cook. We think that’s pretty funny.”

“He’s not fond of hot weather. We tease him about that all the time. And he grew up in Sacramento.”

Armond Armstead’s Fun Fact About Arik Armstead:

“When he was a kid, he liked playing with people’s ears? Is that a fun fact?” (Yes, I would call that a fun fact.)


Five Fun Facts About Arik Armstead In His Own Words:


I’m a Christian.


I can cook tacos.


I played basketball too.


My nickname is Puff. My family calls me Puff. (*Guss Armstead told me that the nickname started “…because we used to sing ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’ to him all the time when he was little.”)


I used to suck my thumb when I was little.

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