5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Kyle Juszczyk


The San Francisco 49ers have spent much of free agency upgrading their offense. After Bruce Miller was released last season, the 49ers were without a fullback on the roster. Enter Pro Bowler Kyle Juszczyk, pronounced YOOZ-check. Keep practicing. You’ll get good at saying it.

Juszczyk is excited to start working in Kyle Shanahan’s offense and see how he best fits.

“…[W]hen I was going through this process and trying to figure out where I wanted to play and San Francisco was on the table, [I] reached out to a couple players that I had played with and knew my style and had played with coach Shanahan here and they all just had outstanding reviews about his offense and told me how well I would fit in to what we’re trying to do here,” said Juszczyk. “So, when I get some seal of approvals from guys like Owen Daniels, Justin Forsett, Matt Schaub, that kind of sealed the deal for me and I knew this could be a good place for me.”

Shanahan and general manager John Lynch also thought San Francisco was a good place for him, and they plan to use his offensive talent in a variety of ways.

“…I’ll tell you with Kyle, there were a couple points, just being completely honest where we set out early on and we said that this guy, he’s worth it to us,” said Lynch. “We’re going to make him the highest paid fullback in football…I forget who coined it, but we said, ‘Let’s not think of him as a fullback. He’s an OW.’ So, if you see OW, that stands for offensive weapon. We saw an offensive weapon that this guy is thrilled to be able to use in a number of different capacities and I think that kind of is symbolic of our approach.”

I had a chance to go one-on-one with the Harvard grad, getting to know him a little bit better with 5 Fun Facts. Watch the above video to learn:

  • An impressive talent beyond football
  • His favorite musical movie
  • How he fuels up pregame
  • His favorite game off the field
  • And what show he is looking forward to coming back in the next couple months.

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