5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick


It is Kap week over at 49ers Fangirl, because Colin Kaepernick is back at QB1 this Sunday! It could all go terribly wrong, so let’s ride this wave while we can. We all know a lot about Kaepernick, but let’s dig a little deeper into our favorite vegan passer with Five Fun Facts About Colin Kaepernick.

As Kap said when Chip Kelly told him he was starting, let’s go.

Fact #1: Before Colin was adopted by the Kaepernicks, his parents lost two infant sons to heart disease. Therefore, Colin donated a portion of his first paycheck from the Niners to Camp Taylor, a free medically supervised camp for children with heart disease and he remains uber-involved with the camp with both his time and his money.

Got to see my kids today at @camp_taylor they even got me an early birthday cake! #IDontGetTired #WhoDoYouLove #Se7enPounds

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Fact #2: Kap has a 115 pound African-spurred tortoise named Sammy. Sammy could live to be 135 years old, so he’ll probably see the 49ers make it to another Super Bowl.

Fact #3: Kaepernick’s Nov. 3 birthday makes him a Scorpio. The lucky day for Scorpios is Tuesday, which is the day he got his job back. I understand it would be better if his lucky day was Sunday, but what are you going to do?

Fact #4: Kap wore the #10 in college. He switched to #7 in the pros, because he said what made him great in college wouldn’t help him in the pros and he wanted to start from scratch.

5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick

Fact #5: One of Kaepernick’s favorite movies is “Finding Nemo.” Here’s hoping on Sundays, he’s finding touchdowns.

Bonus fact: I have a dog named Kappy. She’s named after Colin. Yes, I know. I’m the coolest.

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