5 Fun 49ers Christmas Wishes (Video)


Merry Christmas 49ers fans! As we are all painfully aware, it has been a very, very rough season in Santa Clara. Everything that can go wrong has, and it’s clear that changes need to be made. The Niners travel to Detroit to take on the Lions Sunday, and let’s be honest, they’re going to lose. So instead of dwelling on that, I’m looking towards the future, because there’s always next season.

In 5 Fun 49ers Christmas Wishes, I lay out my dreams for the 49ers and the offseason that lies ahead in two short weeks. Thanks for watching, and let me know what your 49ers wishes are. Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel & podcast, as I will be covering the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl, even without the red and gold.

Go Niners!


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Bleeding gold and staying Niner faithful, I bring you the latest news features & commentary on my beloved San Francisco 49ers.

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