5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Pierre Garçon


NFL Free Agency is a few days old and the San Francisco 49ers have been busy. They’ve signed 10 new players as they begin the process of rebuilding this football team. One position group that is in massive need of an upgrade is wide receiver, and the Niners addressed it immediately signing former Washington Redskin Pierre Garçon. Garçon signed a five year, $47.5 million dollar deal with $20 million guaranteed.

The 49ers signed quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley and are likely to add at least two more QBs through the draft and the rest of free agency; that is if they can’t get Kirk Cousins this year, and that’s not looking great.

“As receivers making plays in this league, it doesn’t really matter who is throwing you the ball,” said Garçon. “You know you have to catch it. As soon as the ball leaves the quarterback’s hands, it’s all up to you and we both know we can make plays regardless of who’s throwing us the ball and that’s what we’re going to do on every Sunday, even on the practice field as well. We’re just happy to have a team that wants us, that wants us to be part of the winning and keep it moving forward.”

Garçon joins a team that has won a total of seven games in the last two years, but he is not deterred.

“In football, one year can turn everything around. We’ve done that in D.C…when Kyle [Shanahan] brought me in. If we put our nose to the ground and just grind and play every day, I know things can turn around. Looking forward to help build something instead of being a part of something that’s already winning. So, I enjoy working hard, working for every victory and working for every play and gaining every yard I can after every catch. So, that’s what I enjoy doing and nowhere better to be than with a coach that wants you and a team that wants to win in a city that wants to win, especially with the fans too.”

I went one-on-one with Garçon to learn more about him with 5 Fun Facts in his own words. Watch the video to  learn about his family, his hobbies, and the one thing he’d like everyone to know. Enjoy and Go Niners!

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