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Are you an NFL running back who’s lost his way? Do you want to make the Pro Bowl but your stats just aren’t there? Are you a backup who is hoping to get your first 100-yard rushing game of the season or maybe even of your career?

Well, then you may want to get yourself to Santa Clara, or, more accurately, signed by a team that’s playing the team in Santa Clara, over the next several weeks.

You see, the San Francisco 49ers have allowed the last six running backs they’ve faced – starters, back ups and third stringers – to run for well over 100 yards. In total, the 49ers have given up 1296 rushing yards for the season, making them the worst-ranked run defense in the NFL.

Just last week, Tampa Bay’s Jaquizz Rodgers, who was filling in for both the injured Doug Martin and the injured Charles Sims, had a career-high 154 yards rushing. Seattle’s Christine Michael had 106 yards rushing against the Niners, while the Bills’ LeSean McCoy had 140 yards. I could go on, but I think you get my point.

So I urge you, get yourself signed by the Saints, the Cardinals, the Patriots (generally, if you can, you should get yourself signed by the Patriots at any position), and see your dreams of success come true.

To learn more, visit www.iwannaplaytheniners.com or call (800) Bring-Me-theNiners**.

*Don’t get signed by the 49ers. It seems to have the opposite affect on your career.

**Phone number and web address in video are non-working and for entertainment purposes only.

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