Warriors Fans, Keep Calm and Curry On


It is no secret that Warriors fans are some of the most high strung fans in the NBA. As I have covered in the past, we almost do not know how to handle the Warriors success because most of us were not there in 1975 when the last championship occurred.

We are nervous.

We are anxious.

We over-analyze everything.

So, here are five ways for Warriors fans to get their chill back. And, if you have any suggestions for me during this trying time — I am all ears!

  1. Make toast.
  2. Enjoy the California weather. It is not really a hard concept. Just go outside (in between panic attacks).
  3. Eat a cupcake!
  4. As much as you love Draymond Green, you have to remember the earth is not flat. This may take some focus.
  5. Beer. There is always beer to give you that little bit of needed chill. I drink like a man, so it is IPAs for me. The Warriors know our limits and they’re always here for us.

So we have to nut up Dub Nation and remember we have been through A LOT worse. Go Dubs! Let do this!

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Photo Credits:

  • The Warriors 1974-1975 championship banner – posted on flickr by Amin Eshaiker
  • Draymond Green posted on flickr by Ketih Allison
  • Beach image posted on flickr by Evan Forester
  • Kevin Durant photo from kevindurant.com
  • Russ Westbrook posted on flickr by Erik Drost

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