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When it comes to Steph Curry — point guard for the Golden State Warriors and reigning two-time MVP — fans, coaches and analysts have been blown away by the 6’3″, 180-pound shooter. What Michael Jordan did for the slam dunk, Curry has done for the 3-point shot. And, that is why it is the perfect time to learn more about Steph Curry with 5 Fun Facts!

Fact 1: Steph Curry has the NBA record for 3-pointers made in a season, 3-pointers made in a game, 3-pointers made in a playoff series, and consecutive games with a 3-pointer.

Fact 2: In addition to his impressive basketball skills, Steph Curry is a gifted golfer. According to Golf Digest, if he were not playing in the NBA, he could become a professional golfer.

Getting in the last few rounds before training camp starts up. Need some swing tips though…#gripandrip

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Fact 3: Curry did not want to be drafted by the Warriors. He even refused to work out for Golden State and Curry’s agent begged the Warriors’ GM not to select Curry. The Warriors, though, had no intention of letting Curry get past them.

Fact 4: Steph Curry’s biggest pet-peeve is when people sneeze without covering their nose.

Fact 5: Steph Curry once starred in a Burger King commercial as a kid, with his father Dell Curry.

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