What the Clippers Can Do in the Offseason to Improve the Team


Ugh, that game seven was heartbreaking!! This team kills me’ they are always so close yet so far. So with the LA Clippers out of the playoffs, I decided to give a little breakdown about what I think this team needs to do in the offseason to make a deeper run in the 2018 playoffs.

Chris Paul

First, poor Chris Paul. The incredible leader of this team now holds the record of having played in 76 career playoff games without ever making it to the conference finals. However, Chris Paul is the leader this team needs. He is so consistently good, even when he doesn’t need to be. He takes the term “put the team on your back” to a literal level on the court. In the offseason, the Clippers need to find a way to utilize CP3 as a leader, but not force him to have to carry the entire team. He alone can’t take them to the conference finals.

Keep fighting. #ItTakesEverything

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Blake Griffin

Next, Blake Griffin. My goodness, can this guy stay healthy for the playoffs? His playoff injuries have been a crucial loss for the Clippers, and both Blake and the team need to figure out how to prevent this for next season. I know that there is really no way to prevent injuries but possibly there is more offseason work Blake can do to help with injuries for next year.

Doc Rivers

Fans are asking for a major shakeup and I think the front office is going to have to deliver. Doc Rivers has had a fantastic career as a head coach, but since he also took control as the Clippers’ general manager, they have yet to take crucial strides. Maybe it’s time to let “the Coach Doc Rivers” be the coach and the “GM Doc Rivers” pass the torch to another capable GM who can make the necessary moves this offseason that will benefit the team in the long run.

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Resign the Big 3 or Trade Time

Next, big one: either re-sign the Big 3 this off-season to see if they can in fact make it deep into the playoffs, or think about moving one of them via trade or free agency. The biggest issue has been their ability to stay healthy at the same time, so it’s difficult to count on a core that has had a hard time staying on the court together. The Clippers need to add more depth and athleticism at the wing positions. They have some nice role players in Jamal Crawford, JJ Redick and Austin Rivers, but they need a younger athletic wing who can stretch the court. Whether this is via trade, free agency or the draft, I think it’s going to be vital for their future success.

Here’s to hoping some major changes are made during the off season to produce a more successful season next year.

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