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With Blake Griffin out for the playoffs, the Clippers will have to do all they can to fill his absence. One big player that’s going to have to step it up is another one my favorite LA Clippers DeAndre Jordan. I thought it would be a PERFECT time to learn FIVE FUN FACTS on Deandre Jordan.

Fact # 1: DJ’s defensive game has always been pretty darn good. DeAndre has always been a great rim protector. While playing high school basketball in his native Houston, DJ one had 20 blocks in a single game.

Fact #2: Due to an average college career, assumed immaturity and high bust potential, DeAndre dropped in the draft and the Clippers weren’t mad about him. He was drafted 35th overall by the LA Clippers in the 2008 draft.

Fact # 3: During his first season in the NBA, DeAndre Jordan recorded 10 dunks in a single game making him only the 3rd rookie to do so (Along with Shaq and Dwight Howard).

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Fact # 4: DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin have a very special friendship. Drafted in consecutive years, Blake Griffin, although younger, has taken on a mentorship role and has helped DJ hone his skills.

Fact #5: Although he goes by the nickname DJ, his full name is Hyland DeAndre Jordan Junior.

Safe to say DeAndre Jordan is a pretty impressive athlete. Well I think now would be a great time for DJ to make some more records and take the Clippers all the way!

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