Fangirl Minute: The Oscars


Hey Fangirls! It’s Oscar season, so time to get out the popcorn and catch up on all the great movies that have been nominated this year. We Fangirls love our movies, especially sports movies! So, let’s look at some sports movies that took home the Oscar.

  1. Boxing has dominated the Oscar categories in sports with Rocky winning best picture in 1976 and Million Dollar Baby winning in 2004. Besides these “hard-hitting” movies, Chariots of Fire won best picture as well in 1981.
  1. If that’s not enough, here are some other must see boxing movie winners that are definitely “must see”. Robert DeNiro took home the little golden guy for Best Actor in Raging Bull and Christian Bale and Melissa Leo took home Best Supporting for their roles in The Fighter. While these movies may not be the best choice for date night they are both more than worth watching.
  1. We Fangirls love our football and you cannot go wrong with these Oscar winners! Nothing will “complete” your movie night like watching Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Oscar-winning performance in Jerry Maguire. Or if you are looking for a feel good football story, check out Sandra Bullock’s brilliant Oscar-winning performance in The Blind Side.
  1. Sometimes it’s just an honor to be nominated so be sure to check these classic sports movies that were nominated but didn’t bring home the Oscar: Seabiscuit, Moneyball, Foxcatcher, The Natural and Field of Dreams.

Enjoy the movies and see you on the red carpet!

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