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Tracy Sandler

Bleeding gold and staying Niner faithful, I bring you the latest news features & commentary on my beloved San Francisco 49ers.

49ersfangirl Train Like a 49er (Fangirl Style)


This lucky Fangirl got to hang out with 49ers’ Head of Strength and Conditioning coach Ray Wright and go through the team’s conditioning workout. It turns out there’s a reason I’m a Fangirl and not on the team.

49ers Fangirl-5 Fun Facts 5 Fun Facts About 49ers’ Eric Reid


San Francisco 49ers’ safety Eric Reid may be out with a knee injury, but he has been in the news quite a bit. Reid joined Colin Kaepernick in kneeling for the National Anthem last season in protest of police brutality and the lack of social justice and equality. He has continued to be protest this season on the field, as he has also been an advocate for Kaepernick and recently wrote a great Op-Ed in the New York Times.

49ers Fangirl-Talking Touchdowns Talking Touchdowns: The 49ers Are In It, But Can They Finish It Against the Colts?


Well this whole rebuilding thing is painful, amiright?

The San Francisco 49ers are now 0-4 after an overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals. The Niners have lost their last three games by a total of eight points, so they’re in it, they just can’t finish it.

Next up on the agenda are the 1-3 Indianapolis Colts who are currently out of Luck with problems of their own. Let’s take a look.

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